COALESCENT FOUNDATION is the non-for-profit subsidiary of BOYD COALESCENCE, dedicated to the enrichment and longevity of the communities in which we do business and society as a whole.  Like BOYD COALESCENCE, the COALESCENT FOUNDATION seeks to improve the way we live with style, elegance and class.
"Our mission is to be a center of opportunities and resources for the greater community."
With the mindset that all humanity is connected, the COALESCENT FOUNDATION takes up the responsibility of representing the mission and strategy of BOYD COALESCENCE in aiding individuals’ pursuit of improvement and growth with the focus on giving back.

The message of the COALESCENT FOUNDATION is similar to that of COALESCENT LIFESTYLE: the development of a holistic life. However, we believe such a life includes the charge to be accountable to the community. Therefore, the mandate of the COALESCENT FOUNDATION is to create opportunities for such a charge, for the company, employees, customers and partner organizations.